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Piggy Poo and Crew

Piggy Poo and Crew Adjustable Mini Pig Harness and Leash Also Fits Other Animals

Piggy Poo and Crew Adjustable Mini Pig Harness and Leash Also Fits Other Animals

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Piggy Poo and Crew Pet Harness & Leash -Adjustable- 12' in Length - Fits Mini Pigs, Pot Bellied Pigs, and Other Animals - Ferrets, Rabbits, Dogs, Cats

Total length of the harness is 12'. If you are purchasing this harness for a pig it will fit a piglet all the way up to a 180 pound pig or more depending on the girth. Harness Instructions: I pre loop the harness for a faster process but adjust it first to the size you think you need before placing it on. Place the large loop around the head and body just under the front legs. Place the small loop around the head. Use the barrel lock to make the final adjustments to the size once it’s on if you choose too. If you want to keep it loose you do not have to use the barrel lock. Piglets and young animals will take some time to harness train with any harness. If your harness comes out of the ring it’s very easy to put it back in just take the end by the ring and pinch it together to make a loop and poke it through the ring. Adjust the loop size after. A pic will be included in your package along with instructions. The harness is built this way so the size is adjustable.

  • Adjustable harness fits a variety of pets from ferrets to pigs
  • Features a secure breaking strength of 600 pounds
  • Pliable material is comfortable and easy to clean
  • Made in USA

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