Piggy Poo and Crew


   specializing in custom litter boxes 


    for animals big or small


XL - 30" x 24" x 9"

Animals have a natural instinct to back themselves into a corner to eliminate. Piggy Poo & Crew's custom litter box is ergonomically designed to allow this type of elimination. One of the highest back and side walls of any litter box on the market today. This feature helps to avoid messy over-the-edge accidents. This box also has a low front for easy entry and exit.


Most litter boxes are only suitable for small animals. They are way too narrow. The box will get too saturated that way especially if you have a pig. The box needs to be wide. This box is wider than any box on the market. This box is made in USA. We use the highest quality thick plastic that won't crack. People have been resorting to cutting a large mixing tub. The mixing tubs are a thin plastic that crack, it doesn't clean well, and it has a jagged front entry from being cut with a saw. Piggy Poo & Crew's litter box solves that problem. Animals ranging from a newborn piglet up to 150 pounds or more can use our litter box. This box is perfect for animal lovers and breeders with more than one animal. Animals are less likely to have accidents with a large box. This helps keep their environment clean and less spread of bacteria.


Our box works great for Miniature Pigs, Potbelly Pigs, dogs, cats, rabbits, hedgehogs, ferrets, goats, guinea pigs, fox, skunk, you name it... Made of durable plastic so it is long-lasting and easy to clean. X-Large Box Dimensions: 30" x 24" x 9".


Manufacturing: The boxes are made from a very large mold. There may be slight variations in the plastic when formed.