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Piggy Poo and Crew

Piggy Poo and Crew Pet Slow Feeder Games Combo Pack

Piggy Poo and Crew Pet Slow Feeder Games Combo Pack

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Piggy Poo and Crew Pet Slow Feeder Games Combo Pack Roller Game Adjustable Height - Beaker Game - Food Dispensing Games

Includes two enrichment toys and games for pigs and other pets. It's a fun way to learn and get rewarded with a treat. Keeping your pet busy is the key to having them less vocal. Having a variety of treat seeking puzzles and games will keep your pet stimulated. A slow feeding roller game is included. You can adjust the height that works for your pet. When your pet taps the roller food will drop into the slow feeding tray. The base of this feeder is heavy so it doesn't easily tip over. It's made of non-toxic ABS so it's a durable plastic. It's also environmentally friendly and easy to clean. All my pigs love this interactive toy. It also works for other pets as well. Also included is another slow feeder game. Pets knock over the beakers that drop the food or treats out onto the slow feeding tray. The slow feeder tray can detach from the stand itself if you choose not to use the game. The beakers have two different tops that it comes with. One with one large hole and one with three smaller holes. This activity game stand is balanced not to knock over right away but a larger pet I'm sure could knock it down if they wanted too. It's recommended to place against a wall. If your pet is too short you might want to just use the feeder tray. This tray works great for feeding meals as well as placing snacks on in between meals when your pet is being vocal. Recommended for small animals. For larger stronger pigs I recommend placing a large rock on the base. Dimensions: 12" tall & 9" wide. If you do not like the game please just use the tray.

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