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Piggy Poo and Crew

Piggy Poo and Crew Snuffle Rooting Mats - 3 Pack

Piggy Poo and Crew Snuffle Rooting Mats - 3 Pack

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Piggy Poo and Crew Butterfly Pet Snuffle Activity with a paper crinkle butterfly and tug rope 29" x 18", Piggy Poo and Crew Pig Face Design Rooting Snuffle Mat with Paper Crinkle Squeaker Ears 18" x 20", and another 18" x 20" pink and blue bowl snuffle mat

Machine Washable - Durable - Non-Skid Backing. Cute unique one-of-a-kind designs. Pets require physical and mental stimulation to meet their needs. Rooting/nudging is a natural behavior and shouldn't be discouraged. Just throw some dry pellets or treats on the mat or tuck them under the flaps. Your pet will be occupied searching until every last tasty treat has been found.

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