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Piggy Poo and Crew

Puppy Bundle Starter Pack - Includes all The Essentials

Puppy Bundle Starter Pack - Includes all The Essentials

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Piggy Poo and Crew bundle starter pack includes a one-of-a-kind extra-large litter box, an overstuffed pig shaped pillow, an all-natural shampoo, a robot treat dispenser, a set of crinkle toys, a snuffle mat, a peanut butter or dental chew stick, and a small treat ball. This box of essential works great for other animals as well.

  • Litter Box: Animals have a natural instinct to back themselves into a corner to eliminate. Piggy Poo and Crew's custom litter box is ergonomically designed to allow this type of elimination. One of the highest back and side walls of any litter box on the market. This feature helps to avoid messy over-the-edge accidents. This box also has a low front for easy entry and exit. Most litter boxes are only suitable for small animals. They are way too narrow and the box will get too saturated. The box needs to be wide and have the front entry suitable for all pets. Most have either too low or too high of entry. Piggy Poo and Crew's litter box solves that problem. Animals are less likely to have accidents with a large box. This helps keep their environment clean and less spread of bacteria. Our box works great for a variety of animals. If you are using the litter box for a puppy or dog you can place a puppy pad inside. For other animals we recommend pine bedding or shavings.  Made of durable heavy-duty plastic so it is long-lasting and easy to clean. Dimensions: 30" x 24" x 9". Please make sure your space is large enough for this size of box. 
  • Large Overstuffed Pig Pillow: 35" x 10" - Soft Plush Material - Machine Washable Removable Cover - Zipper - Inner Lining
  • Dog Pack & Chicken & Egg Crinkle Toys - No stuffing, easy to shake and flip.
  • Treat Ball: Small challenging treat ball to keep your pet busy. 
  • Snuffle Mat: Snuffle Activity Mat 20" x 18" - Machine Washable - Durable - Non-Skid Backing. 
  • Piggy Poo and Crew All-Natural Lavender Shampoo contains Botanical Extracts and Aloe Vera that promotes healthy skin and hair. Its PH balanced so it removes dirt without striping the natural oils. This shampoo is detergent, soap, and paraben free. It contains NO alcohol. Safe to use on any animal. 


Return Policy: There are NO returns on this product due to it's weight and over size dimensions. 

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